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Here is a fun idea for reusing your egg carton. If you can't use all the egg cartons you have, consider giving extras to schools, daycares/day homes, seniors centers, community art centers, etc. As always please make sure they are clean before use.

This craft reprinted courtesy of

Egg Carton Crab Craft

• Empty Egg Carton
• Red Paint and Brush
• Red Pipe Cleaners
• Wiggle Eyes
• Scissors
• Hole Punch
• Glue

Instructions: Cut three sections out of the egg carton. One section will be the crab's body. Cut down two other sections to 1/2" high and cut a "V" shape out of each one to make the claws. Punch four holes in both sides of the body. Paint all three pieces red. Let dry. Cut four red pipe cleaners in half. Push one piece in each punched hole. Bend to form legs and claws using photo as a guide. Punch a hole in each claw and add to the front pipe cleaners. Glue on wiggle eyes.

Where to Find Barnstar eggs

All Green Produce
Arteaga's Starlite Market
Bel Air
Biachini's Market
Big Al's Market
Big Boy Market
Cal Mart Super
Cala Bell
Comptons Holiday Market
Corti Brothers Market
Cost Less
Diamond Foods
Dinsmore Store
Evergreen Market
Farmer's Market Place
Food 4 Less
Foods Etc
Fresh Market
Fruit Barn
G & G Super
Galt Super
Gold Eagle Market
Greeley Hill Market
Harvest Market
Holi Market

Holiday Markets
Home Town Market
Key Market
La Morenita Market
Lakewood Apple Market
Lira's Super Market
Lone Plaza Market
Marina Marketplace
Mi Familia Market, Inc
Mi Pueblo
Mike's Foods
Mollie Stone's
Monterey Market
Morning Glory
Nob Hill
North Shore Sentry
Nu Way Market
Pacific Market
Park Plaza Fine Foods
Paul's Food Fair Market
Piazza's Fine Food
Pioneer Market
PriceCo Foods
Purity Supermarket
PW Supermarkets

Rancho San Miguel
Redwood Vly Shopping
Richland Markets
S F Supermarket
S P D Market
Safeway Stores
Sam's Club
Sam's Food City
Sani Food
Sav Mor
Shoprite Super
Sierra Market
Star Market
Super Max
Trader Joe's
Trags Market
Twain Harte Market
United Market
V & C Foods
Vallerga's Market
Valley IGA Plus
Vic's Market
Wiley's Market
Worton's Foresthill
Young's Payless

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